The Immune Study: Ages 14–20

This study have completed recruitment.

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Immune Study: T-cells

How early life experiences can shape the immune system and the gut microbiome

Every day we are learning more about how childhood sets up trajectories of health and well-being. However, we have much more to learn. With the Immune Study, we will examine how differences in early experiences are associated with differences in functioning of actual immune cells. To do this, we collected blood samples from internationally adopted and non-adopted adolescents and young adults. Our collaborator, Dr. Chris Coe, professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, will isolate immune cells from these blood samples, and examine how they respond to various immune system challenges, like viruses or pollen, in a test tube. We have also added the study of microbiome. Check out the short YouTube video from NPR on how our immune cells and the microbiome inside of us work together to help us stay healthy.  Questions about the Immune Study can be directed to