Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to participate in research but there aren’t any current studies that fit my child. What should I do?

We are always thinking of new research ideas, many of which start new studies! To hear more about new studies through our laboratory and other laboratories at the Institute of Child Development, you can sign up for the ICD Participant Pool. For adoption-specific studies, you can sign up for an International Adoption Project Registry. Once on the registries, we will contact you about new studies that fit your family.

If we participate in a research study, do you share any of our information with the University or other individuals?

No, we keep all of your information entirely confidential and do not share any data with other laboratories or people. We also de-identify all the information we collect from your family, so it is impossible to tell who the information is from just by looking at it. We work hard to respect your privacy and keep all the information you share entirely confidential!

If my child participates in a study, will I receive his or her personal results?

Unfortunately we do not release individual results from our studies due to confidentially requirements. However, we will keep you updated about the results of the entire study! We release major results yearly in our newsletter and may also send you updates over email. If we do find something that concerns your child’s health, then we will let you know and may refer you to a specialist for further information.

I’m familiar with the International Adoption Project but not the Human Developmental Psychobiology Lab, how did you get my information?

The International Adoption Project and the Human Developmental Psychobiology Lab are one and the same. The International Adoption Project refers to our work with adopted families, while the Human Developmental Psychobiology Lab is the name of our laboratory here at the University of Minnesota. We are so happy to have you participate in research through our laboratory, as it helps us better understand the unique experiences of families created through adoption.

Does the International Adoption Project or the Human Developmental Psychobiology Lab provide clinical services?

No, we are a research-focused laboratory and do not provide clinical services or individual evaluations. If you are interested in receiving adoption-related information from clinical professionals, you can find out more information at the Adoption Medicine Clinic.