Examining Adolescent Stress Effects

RECRUITING 14-17 year-olds and their parent

The Examining Adolescent Stress Effects (EASE) Study’s goal is to examine how parents help their children cope with physical discomfort.

What does participation consist of?

  • Attend two research sessions, one over Zoom (~1.5 hours) and one in person at the Institute of Child Development (~2.5 hours)
  • Complete questionnaires
  • Complete a story-telling task
  • At the in-person visit, child will be asked to submerge their hand in ice water for up to 3 minutes. The parent will be randomly assigned to one of three conditions: 1) parent will be in the same room as their child, 2) parent will be in the same room as their child and providing physical comfort, and 3) parent will not be in the same room as their child.
  • Provide saliva samples

Families will receive $35 for their effort and participation. Free parking is provided.

Interested? Contact us at easestudy@umn.edu or call 612-217-2880 for more information.