Cardiovascular Health Study

Enrollment for this study has been completed.

Do you have a child between the ages of 12-21?

We are inviting parents and their child 12-21 years old to help us examine in greater depth the role of puberty, body composition, and vascular health in children’s development. Participants will complete online questionnaires and two health assessments, two years apart with researchers at the University of Minnesota. Compensation and free parking will be provided.

How the research study work?

This is a longitudinal research study involving two sessions: one online and one at the University of Minnesota, occurring two years apart. Compensation and free parking will be provided.

  1. The first session is all online and involves completing online questionnaires.
  2. For the second visit, you and your child will come to a clinic at the University of MN. This session would take place in the morning and would last about 2.5 hours. Your child would do a fasted blood draw, complete two body scans to measure cardiovascular health and we would take a small hair sample to measure their stress hormone cortisol.

Interested or have questions about participation?

Contact the Cardiovascular Health research team at

This research is conducted by Dr. Megan Gunnar in collaboration with Drs. Aaron Kelly, Brie Reid, Don Dengel, Michael Linden, and Alicia Kunin-Batson. This research is supported by The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute R01 HL149709. This study is approved by the UMN Institutional Review Board #STUDY00009969.