CPSY 4994 (undergraduate directed research) opportunities

Each semester we seek undergraduate Research Assistants (RAs) to participate in our lab for directed research credit (CPSY 4994) or, occasionally, as volunteers. We’d love to consider you for our team!

We have many different research projects currently running in our laboratory in the Institute of Child Development and are seeking undergraduate research assistants for help on our projects. Students register for Directed Research CPSY 4994 and can earn either 1-4 credits. There are often various opportunities to help with diverse aspects of research including data work, coding, participant recruitment, literature reviews, and helping to run online or in-person data collection sessions. Students are also exposed to processes involved in collecting biological samples such as saliva and hair.

How to apply

Students interested in joining the Gunnar Lab may send their resume and a short intro summary to gunnar.undergrads@gmail.com.

Undergraduate requirements:

  • Undergraduate students usually get involved by serving as research assistants for course credit (Child Psychology 4994/Psychology 4/5993: Directed Research) or by volunteering.
  • Students should have taken/be enrolled for at least one undergraduate course in one of the following domains: Child Psychology or Developmental Psychology, Research Methods in the Social Sciences, Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, or Neuroscience.
  • Due to the training and nature of our research studies that we provide to all new undergraduates, preference is also given to students who are interested in volunteering/directed research for more than one semester (i.e. two semesters or one semester plus a summer session).