During our studies, we will ask you to provide a lot of information. This information is extremely important, because it helps us understand how children change and grow. We want to explain to you how we protect you and your child’s privacy. When your child participates in a study, he or she will be assigned a Subject Number. This number (and never your child’s name) will be used to identify the information that you and your child provide. That way, the information provided cannot be linked to your family just by looking at it. We also keep all questionnaires, videotapes, and other study materials stored in locked and secure facilities at the Institute of Child Development. All online and computer based materials are kept in password-protected and encrypted files. We will not share your information with any other person or party, unless you give us explicit written permission to do so.

If you have any more questions about confidentiality in our studies, please contact us at or call 612-626-8949.