Why CARPE DIEM? CARPE DIEM is latin for ‘seize the day’ and we want to help parents seize the day for antiracist parenting. Why wait? That is why we designed CARPE DIEM, a new antiracist parenting intervention for White parents: Courageous, Antiracist, and Reflective Parenting Efforts: Deepening Intentionality with Each Moment”.

What is the purpose of this study? We want to better understand the most effective ways to support White parents in antiracist parenting. The CARPE DIEM Study is an intervention study for White mothers and their 5-8-year-old children to examine how our new CARPE DIEM intervention works. This study is for mothers who have an interest in antiracist parenting, whether they have already begun taking steps in this direction or are considering the possibility of taking steps in the future. We hope that our findings will teach us how to best equip and support White parents and their children on their antiracist journeys.

Who is running this study? The CARPE DIEM Study is a collaborative project across three laboratories within the Institute of Child Development. The lead researcher is Dr. Gail Ferguson, who directs the Culture and Family Life Lab. Dr. Ferguson is partnering with Dr. Melissa Koenig, who directs the Early Learning and Experience Lab, and Dr. Charisse Pickron, who directs the Child Brain and Perception Lab.

Who is the community partner for this Study? The CARPE DIEM Study is being conducted in partnership with EmbraceRace, a vibrant national organization that promotes young children’s racial learning.

Is this study approved? Yes! The CARPE DIEM Study is approved by the Research Ethics Board of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (IRB: STUDY00019183).

Who is funding this study? The CARPE DIEM Study is funded by The William T. Grant Foundation (Grant ID #203297). See the announcement from the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.

How can I learn more?

Data collection is underway and recruitment is currently closed. We will post study results on this webpage as soon as they are available! You may contact us at with questions.

How can I learn more or enroll in this study? We are enrolling for the next few weeks. Please click here to complete a brief recruitment and eligibility survey and we will contact you very soon!