Post-Baccalaureate Students

Shelby Smoyer

Shelby Smoyer is a recent graduate at the University of Minnesota, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After her first two years at the University of North Dakota as a Biology major, Shelby realized her true passion was in psychology. She found this passion after taking a couple of psychology courses in her Sophomore year. After obtaining her degree in Psychology, she plans on taking a gap year to solidify her research skills, and then continue her education in Graduate school. She hopes to eventually help underprivileged youth overcome their difficulties and help them thrive for their future success.

Reece Alstat

Reece Alstat is an undergraduate student majoring in Developmental Psychology. After growing up near extended family, he took an interest in development as he watched all of his younger cousins grow and change. He then decided psychology was the path for him as he took his first psychology class and thought he would combine his interest in psychology and development. As he started taking more classes and expanding he realized he had an interest in culture, media, and how they affect development. After he completes his undergraduate education, he would like to continue his education to achieve his Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology, after taking a gap year to gain research experience.

Zaina Ramoni

Zania Ramoni is a senior at the University of Minnesota, studying developmental psychology and minoring in family social sciences. She knew she wanted to study child psychology when she took her first psychology class during her junior year in high school. Her high school offered both AP psychology and child psychology. In both courses, she was very interested and fascinated by how much one’s environment plays a role in human development from temperaments, upbringing/ nurture, and how one’s identity is formed from various social factors such as culture. She plans to further my education in adolescent development and learn more about how culture and childhood trauma or adversity shapes one’s identity formation by attending graduate school.