Welcome to the Mazzocco Math and Numeracy Lab

The Math and Numeracy Lab consists of students and other researchers engaged in a wide range of experimental and observational studies focused on the role of cognitive development and function on numerical and mathematical thinking, and how numerical thinking may affect other aspects of cognitive development and function.

Our research includes studies focused on childhood, studies focused on adults, and studies of parent/caregiver-child dyads. Our current projects concern individual differences in the cognitive skills underlying mathematical thinking and how those differences may affect mathematics achievement trajectories.

We are particularly interested in the early development of numeracy skills, how those and other cognitive skills interact to affect and predict long term mathematics achievement outcomes, how pathways to mathematical learning differ across students progressing at very different achievement levels, and what individual differences in numerical processing persist through adulthood. We make efforts to collaborate with applied researchers and to engage in work with practitioners. The laboratory has national and international collaborators and has been involved in two formal U.S. research networks.

Our research occurs at the Institute of Child Development; when applicable, our work occurs in schools throughout the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul communities, in other regions of Minnesota, or in collaboration with colleagues throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Prospective Students

Dr. Mazzocco encourages prospective graduate students interested in joining the Mazzocco research lab team to contact her for more information. Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) are sometimes available for various new, ongoing, or secondary data analysis projects.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students interested in pursuing research in the Math and Numeracy lab are also encouraged to contact Dr. Mazzocco or apply online. Opportunities include supervised research experiences for academic credit or potential honors thesis projects.

Get Involved!

There are other ways to get involved with the Math and Numeracy Lab. Please contact us to learn more!