CPSY 4994 (undergraduate directed research) opportunities

Each semester we seek undergraduate Research Assistants (RAs) to participate in our lab for directed research credit (CPSY 4994) or, occasionally, as volunteers. We’d love to consider you for our team!

Undergraduate students may receive credit for supervised research by joining the lab as an undergraduate research assistant. With rare exception, we require a commitment of at least two consecutive semesters, for 2 to 4 credits per semester (6 to 12 hours per week). There are also opportunities for REU, URP, thesis, and other research opportunities for undergraduates. 

How to apply

Please contact Dr. Mazzocco or fill out the online application. Once your application is received, someone will contact you to schedule an interview with the lab director (Dr. Mazzocco). Please note we are not accepting applications for summer 2021.