Thank you for your interest in being involved in the Math and Numeracy Lab! Current projects concern young children’s understanding of number concepts, and individual differences in numerical processing across the life span. We also have projects in preparation concerning training in early mathematical knowledge for early childhood educators and caregivers, and a project on counting books.


Parents are welcome to contact us at about our research. We are currently recruiting children ages 4 to 8 years, including girls with Turner syndrome ages 4 to 8 years.


Undergraduate students may receive credit for supervised research by joining the lab as an undergraduate research assistant. With rare exception, we require a commitment of at least two consecutive semesters, for 2 to 4 credits per semester (6 to 12 hours per week). There are also opportunities for REU, URP, thesis, and other research opportunities for undergraduates.

To apply, please contact Dr. Mazzocco or fill out the online application. Once your application is received, someone will contact you to schedule an interview with the lab director (Dr. Mazzocco).

Graduate students may enroll in and attend Math and Numeracy Lab meetings.