Study Participation

On behalf of the entire CLS team, thank you again for participating in our recent health exam study at Northwestern University. The health exam study was completed in December 2019. We will share more soon about what we have been learning from the information provided.

Since this time, the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic that was declared on March 11, 2020 has led to an unprecedented health and economic crisis that continues to this day. We have been greatly concerned for the well-being of everyone affected. The nationwide protests against the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other people of color have also increased attention to systemic racism and the importance of fighting for justice. As you may know, the CLS has been working toward this mission in partnership with Chicago schools for 3+ decades. The CLS was founded on the principles of improving well-being for all and ending poverty, racial discrimination, and health disparities.

Given everything that has happened so recently, we wwant to ask some follow-up questions about how COVID-19 and recent events related to racism in this country have affected your and your family’s well-being. Information you provide will help improve support services in your community, including schools. All that you tell us will remain completely confidential. 

The brief follow-up survey will be completed online. You will receive a $15 gift card for completing this survey. Donating your gift card to a charity is another option. Please look for email invitations in the next few weeks. Thank you!

For questions or to update your contact information, write to us at