The Carlson and Zelazo Lab in the News


June, 2022: Raising Good Humans podcast on parenting and EF

May, 2022: Noggin blogs, Improving Executive Function Skills and 5 Rainy Day Activities to Build EF


January, 2021: Raising Good Humans podcast on how parenting shapes EF

January, 2021: Short and Sweet Parenting Tips podcast on Delayed Gratification


November, 2020: Parents Magazine, 6 little things you can teach your toddler

October, 2020: TEDxMinneapolis

May, 2020: EdWeek, Remote Learning and Attention Problems


October, 2019: Education Dive, E is for Educator: Sesame Street Celebrates 50 Years of Learning

April, 2019: Child and Family Blog, Fathers and EF


October, 2018: Mom Enough podcast on the Marshmallow Test

June, 2018: Cohort Effects in Children’s Delay of Gratification paper by Carlson et. al is highlighted by articles in ForbesThe LA TimesNewsweek,  and Science Daily.


February, 2017: Superhero Costumes Come to Parents’ Rescue – Wall Street Journal article by Sue Shellenbarger highlights Carlson and Zelazo Lab paper, The “Batman Effect”

February, 2017:The “Batman Effect”: Improving Perseverance in Young Children – New paper by Dr. Carlson and Carlson and Zelazo Lab alums Rachel White, Emily Prager, and Catherine Schaefer