The Carlson and Zelazo Lab in the News


June, 2018: Cohort Effects in Children’s Delay of Gratification paper by Carlson et. al is highlighted by articles in Forbes, The LA Times, Newsweek,  and Science Daily.


February, 2017: Superhero Costumes Come to Parents’ RescueWall Street Journal article by Sue Shellenbarger highlights Carlson and Zelazo Lab paper, The “Batman Effect”

February, 2017: The “Batman Effect”: Improving Perseverance in Young Children – New paper by Dr. Carlson and Carlson and Zelazo Lab alums Rachel White, Emily Prager, and Catherine Schaefer


November, 2016: Why “Goldilocks” Parenting Helps Build Executive Functioning Skills – Expert Corner blog post by Dr. Carlson

October, 2016: To even the playing field for low-income kids, start with these brain-based skills – Dr. Carlson’s Q & A with Chalkbeat Colorado at U Denver

July, 2016: Executive Function Problem or Just a Lazy Kid – A 2-part Psych Central series by Dr. Lynn Margolies features the published work of Dr. Phil Zelazo

June, 2016: Executive Function Skills: The “X” Factor in Early Education – Dr. Carlson’s article in the Southeast Education Network Magazine


February, 2015: Strengthening Executive Function in Children: Tips for Parents and Practitioners– The Search Institute resource written by Carlson and Zelazo Lab Graduate Researcher Alyssa Meuwissen


July, 2014: Child’s Play – The Minnesota Monthly article highlights play at the Shirley G. Moore Lab School at the U of M


September, 2012: What it takes to Be Successful in Kindergarten – Dr. Carlson explains about how to prepare for school


August, 2011: Spare the Rod and Teach the Child – Drs. Talwar and Carlson Commentary in the Guardian UK


February, 2009: How does your work connect with the public good? – Dr. Carlson interviews with the College of Education and Human Development

August, 2009: Study: Kids with pretend companions have stronger narrative skills – article on Imaginary Companions