Selected Publications


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Recent Professional Presentations

Carlson, S. M. (2017, February). Shaping Executive Function Skills: What Can Caregivers Do? Invited speaker at the Simms/Mann Institute Think Tank. Beverly Hills, CA.

Carlson, S. M. (2016, October). Invited keynote speaker at the Early Learning Community Lecture Series, Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy, University of Denver.

Zelazo, P. D. (2016, September). Executive Function Skills: Foundation for Learning and Adaptation. Invited Lecture, Pennsylvania Departments of Human Services and Education, Philadelphia, PA.

Zelazo, P. D. (2016, July). Reflection Training: Executive Function and the Developing Brain. Invited Opening Plenary, International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD), Vilnius, Lithuania.

Zelazo, P. D. (2016, May). Executive Function: Foundation for Learning. Invited Plenary Lecture, Göteborg AMBLE International Symposium on Reading, Mathematics and the Developing Brain, Göteborg, Sweden.

Carlson, S. M. (2015, November). Executive function: The “X” factor in early learning. Invited presentation in Research Panel on Executive Function, National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.

Carlson, S. M. (2015, May). Executive function and psychological distance. Invited workshop for teachers, Zhejiang Normal University, Hangzhou, China.