Current Projects

Adolescent Mindfulness Study

Choice Overload: This online study examines toddler’s preference for choice and the point of choice overload. We are interested in associations among toddler’s choice preference, provisions of choice given by caregivers, and executive function skills.

Executive Function and Math: This remote study examines the association between executive function and domains of math in the preschool years.

Creativity and Executive Function: This series of studies is exploring how young children’s executive function skills might play a role in their ability to generate creative ideas, and whether this depends on characteristics of the child and the creative tasks

Reflection, Empathy, and Prosocial Sharing in Preschool-age Children: This study examines how reflection upon another person’s emotion and executive function skills influences preschool-age children’s sharing behavior

In-home parent-child training system: This study examines the usability of a new smartphone/tablet-based app that may help parents support the development of their children’s self-regulation and attention skills.

Ready 4 Routines Study: This study examines how high quality structured family routines, rooted in reflective practices, may improve children’s executive functions and lower parent stress.

This project was recently presented at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) biennial conference! See the project poster.