Ending Student Homelessness Conference

In November 2020, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers united to interpret evidence around student homelessness. 

Attendees interrogated the complexities of homelessness among children and youth, and discussed ways that these insights could be used to inform decisions around homelessness solutions. 

The Homework Starts with Home Research Partnership is a collaborative state-university-school-community project designed to integrate multisystem administrative data and analyze it in order to produce and disseminate high quality evidence pertinent to addressing the State and national challenge of student homelessness.

Conference videos

Click here to view recordings of conference presentations.


8:30-9:45Ending Family Homelessness
Dr. Marybeth (Beth) Shinn, Vanderbilt University
9:45-10:30 Ending Family Homelessness: Reflect and Connect
• Erin Menne, Minnesota Housing
• John Patterson M.P.P, Minnesota Housing
• Rinal Ray, J.D., People Serving People
• Roberto Reyes, Minnesota Department of Education
• Dr. Maria Hanratty, University of Minnesota
• Dr. Marybeth (Beth) Shinn, Vanderbilt University
10:45-12:30Homework Starts with Home Research Evaluation Progress
• Dr. Ann Masten, University of Minnesota, and Eric Grumdahl, Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness, A Researcher-Practitioner Partnership to Inform Solutions for Student Homelessness through Integrated Data & Collaborative Research
• Dr. Kristine N. Piescher, University of Minnesota,
Minn-LInK: Understanding Child Well-being through Data Linkage
• Dr. Danielle Dupuis, University of Minnesota,
Homeless or Highly Mobile Pilot Program Evaluation: Quantitative Analysis Update
• Dr. Max Herzberg, Washington University,
Effects of Housing Subsidies & Community Social Support on School Attendance
• Dr. Fanita Tyrell, University of Maryland,
Evaluating the Impact of Students’ Experiences of Homelessness on School Disciplinary Outcomes
• Sun-Kyung Lee, University of Minnesota, Profiles of Risk among Students Experiencing Homelessness
• Alyssa R. Palmer, University of Minnesota,
Children’s Experiences of Emergency Housing, Transitional Housing & Child Protective Services
• Warren Lowell, Duke University, Who is Homeless in School & How Are They Doing?
• Weston Merrick, University of Minnesota (moderator)
1:30-2:30Student Homelessness is a Solvable Problem
• Dr. Matthew Morton, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
2:30-3:30Student Homelessness is a Solvable Problem: Reflect and Connect
• Diane Elias, Minnesota Housing
• Charlotte Kinzley, Minneapolis Public Schools
• Dara A. Lee, Clay County Housing Authority
• Dr. Matthew Morton, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
2:30-3:30Collaborative Insights into Homelessness Research: A Case for Administrative Data
• Dr. Kristine Piescher, University of Minnesota
• Britt Heinz-Amborn, Institute for Community Alliances

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