Research Briefs

Minn-LInK Briefs Featuring Fellows’ Projects

Read more about the Fellows’ projects in their Minn-LInK Research Briefs:

Minn-LInK Brief #42
Leveraging a Researcher-Practitioner Partnership to End Student Homelessness

Minn-LInK Brief #43
Who is Homeless in School? Evaluating Overlap and Outcomes of Student Homelessness

Minn-LInK Brief #44
Emergency Housing, Transitional Housing, and Child Welfare in the Twin-Cities Metro

Minn-LInK Brief #47
Effects of housing subsidies and community social support on school attendance

Minn-LInK Brief #56
Homelessness as a Risk Factor for School Disciplinary Outcomes

Minn-LInK Brief #58
Profiles of Risk Among Students Experiencing Homelessness