The Homework Starts with Home Research Partnership Team


Ann Masten

Regents Professor of Child Development,
Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

Eric Grumdahl

Deputy Director, Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness, GC Co-Director

Maria Hanratty

Associate Professor, GC Co-Director, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Project Leadership

Kristine Piescher

Lead for Integrated Data Processes and Training at Minn-LInK, Director of Research & Evaluation – Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Danielle Dupuis

Lead Quantitative Analyst, Director, Research Methodology Consulting Center

Project Coordinator

Misty Blue

Minn-LInK Researcher, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Extended Team Members to Date

State of Minnesota

  • Joe Curiel, Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Results Measurement Specialist
  • Delia Kundin, Former Lead Qualitative Analyst, Associate Director of Evaluation, Center for Applied Educational Improvement (CAREI) (Retired)
  • Diane Elias, Minnesota Housing, Program Manager, Multifamily Division
  • Erin Menne, Minnesota Housing, Grant Program Manager
  • John Patterson, Minnesota Housing, Director of Planning, Analysis & Evaluation
  • Kirby Pitman, Minnesota Housing, Research Specialist
  • Leigh Schleicher, MDE, Supervisor for Federal Student Support Programs
  • Nancy Urbanski, Minnesota Housing, FHPAP Staff

Faculty in Mentoring and Collaborative Roles

  • Andy Barnes, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
  • Rebecca Shlafer, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
  • Nancy Sherwood, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Community Health/Public Health
  • Judy Temple, Professor of Public Affairs, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
  • Michael Rodriguez, Professor & Acting Dean, CEHD, Director, Educational Equity Resource Center
  • Amanda Sullivan, Birkmaier Education Leadership Professor, Educational Psychology

Faculty in Advisory Roles

  • Heidi Barajas, Chair, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD)
  • Michael Goh, Professor, OLPD, CEHD/Director, Inst. for Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy
  • Steven Ruggles, Regents Professor of History and Population Studies/Dir., Minn. Pop. Center
  • Abigail Gewirtz, Lindahl Leadership Professor, FSoS, Co-Director Inst. for Translational Research

Collaborators from University of Minnesota Centers

Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare
  • Kristine Piescher, Director of Research &Evaluation – Minn-LInK
  • Traci LaLiberte, Executive Director
  • Misty Blue, Minn-LInK Researcher, Project Coordinator for HSWH-RP
  • Nicole Mickelson, Former Project Coordinator for HSWH-RP
Center for Applied Educational Improvement (CAREI)
  • Delia Kundin, Associate Director of Evaluation
Research Methodology Consulting Center (RMCC)
  • Danielle Dupuis, Co-PI and Lead Quantitative Analyst Director, RMCC
Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA)
  • Ed Goetz, Director
  • Kathie Doty, Director, Hennepin-University Partnership
Educational Equity Resource Center
  • Michael Rodriguez, Co-Director
  • Julie Sweitzer, Co-Director,

Community Advisory Participation

  • Jean Sazevich, Heading Home Minnesota Funders Collaborative, Director
  • Ryan Strack, Minneapolis Public Schools, Administrator, Board and Government Relations
  • Britt Heinz-Amborn, Institute for Community Alliances, HMIS Manger, Reporting and Evaluation (Homeless Management Information System)
  • Meredith Fergus, Manager of Research and SLEDS
  • Alyssa Erickson, Director of Research and Analytics, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority
  • Hattie Hiler, Minnesota Housing
  • Andrea Inouye, Director of Strategic Partnerships – Affordable Housing, Office of Mayor Frey, City of Minneapolis
  • Charlotte Kinzley, Minneapolis Public Schools, Liaison for homeless students
  • Katie J Topinka, Housing Policy Coordinator, City of Minneapolis
  • Alaina DeSalvo, Competitive Grants Administrator, Office of Higher Ed
  • Jia Mikuls, Research Analyst, Office of Higher Ed
  • Mark Legler, Senior Planning Analyst, Hennepin County