Tablet Study

In this study we are partnering with Koronis Biomedical Technologies to develop a low-cost neuro-cognitive assessment tool for infants and pre-school children. Non-invasive neuro-cognitive assessments continue to be important for monitoring infants and children to track normal-developing milestones, uncovering cognitive deficits, and evaluating treatment effectiveness. Low-cost, and easy-to-use tools that are standardized and widely accessible with cross-culturally appropriate designs for resource limited settings are hard to find. Current assessments typically require highly-trained personnel to perform and interpret testing measures. We are in the process of developing a set of interactive assessment videos that operate on low-cost commercially available tablet computers. The age-appropriate videos will automatically evaluate cognitive functioning across multiple domains using non-invasive eye-tracking technology. The goal of this project is to provide an opportunity for clinicians, pediatricians, and educators to easily assess early cognitive functioning in infants and children to help identify individuals who may be in need of early childhood interventions.