Preparing for U.S. Universities

Many students use agencies to help them apply to a U.S. college or university. Before making a final decision about attending a school, it is important for the student to contact the university’s international student office. By talking or writing to an international specialist at the school, the student will know that all the necessary steps have been taken.  More importantly, the student will know who they can contact if they have any problems when they arrive on campus.

Passport and Visa

The following information explains the essential documents your student will need before traveling to the U.S. Look for information from your student’s college or university for more specific preparations your student should be making.

Student Visa Application

International students must have a valid visa to study in the U.S. The international student service office can help your student understand the timeline to complete the visa application and what other tasks need to be done before leaving home.

The visa application can take time. Begin as early as possible and follow instructions carefully. More information is available here.

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Basic Needs