International Student Trends

More than a million young men and women travel to the United States to attend colleges and universities each year. Most of these students come from Asia, and half are from China and India. Others come from every continent except Antarctica. International students are studying at colleges and universities in large cities and small towns all across the U.S.

graphic of a globe tiled with various national flags

Trends on International Students in the U.S.

International students spend many years preparing to study in the U.S. They have taken English language courses, and they have worked hard to qualify for a university in the U.S. Nevertheless, the majority of international students will experience a time of adjustment during their first year in the U.S.

Most colleges and universities that enroll international students provide services to help the students understand their new school. Professional advisers on campus offer advice and assistance so that students can feel comfortable and be successful. To learn about the services your child’s college or university provides, do a search on the school’s website for “international student services.”