We conducted a study to determine how many parents in the divorce process believe that reconciliation is still possible and how many are interested in services to help them reconcile their marriage. Nearly 2,500 individual parents (and a subset of matched couples) filled out a one-page, anonymous survey after mandatory divorce education classes in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Key questions in the survey:

  • “Even at this point, do you think your divorce could be prevented if one or both of you works hard to save the marriage?” (yes, no, or maybe).
  • “If the court offered a reconciliation service, I would seriously consider trying it” (yes, no, or maybe).

Key findings:

  • Belief that marriage can still be saved: in about 12% (1 of 9) of couples both spouses believe it’s still possible (yes or maybe); in about 1/3 of couples one spouse believes it can be saved and the other does not.
  • Interest in reconciliation services: in about 10% of couples, both spouses are interested, and in over 1/3 of couples, one is interested and the other not.
  • Summary: In about 45% of couples in the divorce process, one or both spouses hold some degree of belief that their marriage could be saved and would consider help with reconciliation.