2019 Sessions

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Session 1–Premature Babies and Their Parents: Providing Information and Support to Promote Optimal Development, Instructor Jolene Pearson

Session 2–Tackling the Tough Stuff: Supporting Families at Risk Through Reflection and Relationship, Instructors Angela M. Tomlin and Stephan Viehweg

Session 3–Effective Practices for Dual Language Learners, Instructor Lillian DurĂ¡n

Session 4–Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behavior Using a Holistic Approach, Instructor Sally Hansen

Session 5–Social Communication Intervention for Diverse Toddlers and Their Families, Instructor Sheri Tracy Stronach

Session 6–Using Nature-based Play in Early Childhood Programs to Support Development For All Children, Instructors Sheila Williams Ridge and Anna Dutke

Session 7–Flipping Your Assessment Practices from Standardized to Personalized, Instructor Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Session 8–The Pyramid, Classroom Engagement, and Beyond! Maximizing Instruction Using Embedded, Naturalistic and Peer-mediated Strategies to Meet Children’s Individual Goals in Inclusive Settings, Instructor Edward Bovey