Literacy Learning for Leaders (LLL) is a video series accompanied by professional development modules meant to provide support for leaders in understanding effective reading instruction and the systems needed to support it. It has been prepared for principals and other school leaders by the Minnesota Principals Academy at the University of Minnesota and HELP, the Higher Education Literacy Partnership of Minnesota.

Free Professional Development

Using the navigation tools on this website, navigate through the five different FREE units in the LLL series. Each unit has a different focus. For each unit, there are accompanying materials including video guides, reflection and discussion guides, and relevant links and resources.

Unfortunately we are no longer holding statewide cohorts to go through the LLL series, If you are interested in attending joining a cohort focusing on the LLL content, see the following options below.

  • Inquire with your local service cooperative of Regional Center of Excellence and see if/when they are planning to offer a cohort locally.
  • Inquire with your district to see if they are planning to hold a cohort internally.

A Conversation with Emily Hanford (Recorded 02/01/2023)

Additionally, the slides from the session are available here.

Community-Based Literacy Support

When Emily Hanford visited the University of Minnesota, she highlighted how community support needs to be part of the full solution for producing successful readers. That’s what AmeriCorps programs, like Reading Corps, do best! This evidence-based program is proven to accelerate student achievement in literacy. Explore Reading Corps as part of your school or district’s holistic approach to the Science of Reading. Here’s the link. To host Reading Corps tutors, elementary schools apply at this link.