Graduate Research Assistants

Carlos Chavez

Carlos is a graduate student in the Department of Educational Psychology-Quantitative Methods and Education program. His research interests include the design and psychometric properties of mixed-format tests, creating and evaluating assessments of English Language Learners, the reliability and validity of social emotional learning measures, and the learning and teaching of measurement concepts. Carlos currently assists IGDIs with data analysis.

Alejandra Miranda

Alejandra Miranda is a graduate student in the Quantitative Methods in Education program at the University of Minnesota. Her research interest focus on educational assessment, Item Response Models, item analyses and validity evidence. Likewise, she is also interested in the association between instruction quality, parenting involvement, exposure to English and Spanish, and students performance. Her previous work includes school effectiveness, inequality in education, teacher quality and achievement for Peruvian students. Currently, she is working in the Spanish IGDI project where she supports in the data analyses.

Kory Vue

Kory works with the Hmong IGDIs and his current role is to develop the assessment to be culturally relevant and culturally appropriate for Hmong children. His research interests are in the validity and reliability of test scores with an emphasis in using various statistical methods to minimize measurement error. He has a strong focus on making testing, in general, more fair and appropriate for all students, especially students from under-served communities.