About Us


In our lab, our mission is to bring all young children’s assets into focus through rigorous research, equity-centered design, and community-engagement.


  • We are antiracist and equity-focused.
  • We are collaborative- we don’t do the work without grounding in our communities and engaging with partners.
  • We are committed to honoring and engaging multilingual communities and children.
  • We are strength-based, focusing on highlighting and honoring strengths inherent within each individual.
  • We are committed to balancing psychometric rigor with lived experiences to provide practical tools that inform instruction.
  • We are learners- we make mistakes, we learn and adjust, and thus are always updating our approach and measures.
  • We are innovators- striving to leverage technology and new solutions to design better products more quickly and at lower costs.

Our Work

Commitment to Equity

IGDIs are rooted in equity work and they have been since their development. We recognize that maintaining equity in our work is an ongoing effort.

Research-Based Products

Blending the expertise of measurement specialists, community leaders, school psychologists, educators, and caregivers, we build tools for classrooms to use to support children’s learning.

Scale and Dissemination

Through the use of public-private partnerships and leveraging technology, we’re committed to moving our products into the hands of educators and children.

Tailored Assessments and Interventions in Multiple Languages

Time is valuable. We’re committed to making sure that assessments and interventions are not only tailored to student ability to maximize efficiency and impact, while making tools available in multiple languages for maintenance and growth of skills.

Collaborations, Community Engagement, and Mentorship

In the spirit of lifelong learning, we learn and grow as a team through a variety of training and mentorship opportunities, including Graduate Research Assistantships, volunteer opportunities, and community-based training.