Undergraduate Directed Research Opportunities

Each semester we seek undergraduate Research Assistants (URAs) to participate in our lab for directed research credit, or occasionally as volunteers. We’d love to consider you for our team!

Credit will be given under CPSY 4994. Speak with an advisor from your department about the possibility of applying these credits to another major.

How to apply

Click here to access our online application.

If you run into any issues while completing the application, please contact Kristina Hufnagle (hufna006@umn.edu).

Students of all grades, majors, backgrounds and experiences are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Please note: This is an unpaid position. Our lab acknowledges the barrier this imposes on most students and plans to offer flexible scheduling to accommodate any student needs. We are also happy to accept students who plan to receive formal class credit for their work. At this time we are unable to accept applicants who cannot fulfill the year-long commitment requirement.