Suh-Ruu Ou

Research Associate and Affiliate Graduate Faculty

Ph.D. Social Welfare,  University of Wisconsin-Madison

Institute of Child Development

51 East River Road
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Areas of specialization: program evaluation, research methodology, educational attainment, and the effects of early childhood intervention.

Current research includes evaluating the long-term effects of early childhood intervention, determinants of educational attainment/postsecondary education, effects of grade retention, dosage effects of early childhood intervention, and process of early childhood intervention to adult outcomes.

Selected Publications

Giovanelli, A., Reynolds, A.J., Mondi, C.F., and Ou, S. (In press). Adverse Childhood Experiences: Mechanisms of risk and resilience in a longitudinal urban cohort. Development and Psychopathology.

Eales, L., Reynolds, A. J., & Ou, S. (2020). Childhood Predictors of Adult Obesity in the Chicago Longitudinal Study. Preventive Medicine, 132.

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Ou, S. Arteaga, I. Reynolds, A.J. (2019). Dosage Effects in the Child-Parent Center PreK-to-3rd Grade Program: A Re-Analysis in the Chicago Longitudinal Study. Children and Youth Services Review, 101, 285-298. The manuscript is now available in PubMed Central (PMC) for public access.

Reynolds, A. J. Margo, S. W., Ou, S. & Eales, L. (2019). Are Parent Involvement and School Quality Associated with Adult Smoking Behaviors? Findings from an Urban Early Childhood Cohort. Preventive Medicine, 127. Open access

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