Welcome to the Child Brain & Perception Lab

We celebrate, are in awe of, respect, and are excited by the tools, skills, and knowledge young minds learn and develop everyday! Our work focuses on further understanding how experiences with our social world shape our perception, representation, and responses to people, places, and objects in our environment. We are interested in better understanding how infants, young children, and adults learn about the ways different people are grouped together, what these groups mean to us, and potential consequences of forming different social groups. 

The CBP Lab is directed by Dr. Charisse B. Pickron, and takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying perceptual and social processes across the life span. In doing so, we utilize powerful techniques that enable us to characterize these complex processes by observing behaviors and brain activity across development. Our goal is to provide opportunities for participants and community members to engage with us in our scientific explorations both in our space on campus and out in the community!