Workforce Development and Research Lab (WDRL)

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The purpose of the lab is to develop actionable research, tools, and strategies to meet emergent workforce challenges facing organizations and communities in Minnesota, nationally, and internationally.

About the Lab

The Lab is an interdisciplinary group of scholars (researchers and students) and practitioners united in the pursuit of new knowledge and focused on addressing the emerging learning and education challenges facing workers in the rapidly evolving workplace. Lab members bring a broad scope of expertise to these challenges, representing an array of disciplines including human resource development, organizational leadership, social work, and learning science, as well as specializations in training and development, knowledge management, learning technology, inclusive education, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and adult learners.

Alexandre Ardichvili, Co-Director
Alexandre Ardichvili, Co-Director

“Working on the Workforce” CEHD Connect, April 2022

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