#Thrive OLPD is a campaign to create a departmental environment in which all graduate students can thrive. Led by graduate students under the guidance of department faculty, #Thrive OLPD plans to gather information about the mental health of OLPD graduate students through a variety of methods and utilize this information to promote positive changes to improve mental health outcomes for all students.

Learn more about graduate student mental health, #Thrive OLPD campaign events, the anonymous survey of OLPD graduate students, or the #Thrive OLPD team.


#Thrive OLPD aims to use our research to inform and improve practice & policy by:

  • Understanding the experiences and impacts of policy and practice on graduate student mental health.
  • Articulating the faculty role for supporting and responding to graduate student mental health experiences.
  • Generating resources & implementing informed policy changes to foster a supportive learning environment.