Charlie Adams
I’ve been a Minneapolis Police Officer for 35 years. I currently am a Commander in the Police Recruitment and Backgrounds Division. I’m a father of three, and all of my children are adults. I was asked to be part of the project because of my dual roles as a police officer and being a black man. I contribute to the project with my community background and being a proud member of North Minneapolis.

Guy Bowling
I am a community member, Director of the FATHER Project, and a father/grandfather. I helped found this project because I envision a community that’s safe, collaborative, unified, and works together to solve community problems/issues. I contribute expertise on fatherhood and black males and on the Families and Democracy Model.

Bill Doherty
I am a University of Minnesota faculty member, a family therapist, and the process leader on the project. I am a husband, father and grandfather. I’m in this project because the only way to bridge the historic divide between the police and the black community is to forge honest relationships and work in partnership to create community safety. I contribute to the project through my group process skills and my commitment to holding groups together for difficult conversations and collective action.

Jon Edwards
Minneapolis is home to me. I was born and raised in South Minneapolis. I’ve been with the Minneapolis Police Department for 13 years, serving currently as a Sergeant in the 3rd precinct where I grew up. I’m part of this project because I believe this is where positive change begins: when law enforcement and citizens of the community come together peacefully and engage in discussions and work towards building a partnership which then turns into a lifelong relationship where we see each other as one community working towards the same goals. I contribute my experience as black man, a community member, and a police officer.

Brantley Johnson
I am a community member, a community leader, and mentor. I am a father and have lived on the North Side for 20+ years. I’m in this project because I want to make a difference for my community. I contribute my group process skills to the project and my vision about what can happen when groups with historic differences come together to solve problems neither side can solve alone.

Steve Sporny
I am a Police officer with 13 years in the department. I’m a part of this project to learn and build relationships and to understand and teach our own group members and the community. I bring to the project a hope that better understanding and relationships can lead to collaboration and stop the US vs THEM mentality. I know that we are all human: we hurt, we bleed, we love, we cry, and we have difficult struggles (babies dying, kids hurt), and we cope the best we can, as any human can. 

Justin Terrell
I have a background as an organizer and I am currently Executive Director of the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage. I live with my wife and two sons. I joined this project because I believe change is possible. Change happens when people come together and demand that things change. I am dedicated to having consensus conversations with anyone who can help being about community-driven realization of safety. I contribute a community base, policy experience, and a powerful story of why we need to address these issues.

George Warzinik
I’ve been a police officer since 2007, working out of the 4th Precinct (North Minneapolis). I am married with two children. I joined this project because of the need to bridge the gap between police officers and the community after two high profile officer-involved deaths. I contribute a voice for the police patrolman who works in a challenging urban setting.

Damian Winfield
I’ve been a member of the FATHER Project for more than 14 years, and a Citizen Father for 9 years. I am a father of seven kids and a grandfather of five. I am a security guard/bouncer, an adult foster care crisis aide, and I own a window cleaning business. I joined this project because I believe that working on the community together starts with working together in the community. Pride can be re-energized in a community a shared task of work. I bring to the project transparency and a voice for the streets. I bring heart and balance.