SRA 2014

Project presentations from the 2014 biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence are listed below. Where indicated, a copy of the handout may be downloaded.

Longitudinal impacts of parenting factors and teacher-child relationships on school engagement in adolescence.
Alison Giovanelli, Michelle Englund [PDF]

The Significance of Adolescent Dating Experiences for Competence in Adult Romantic Relationships
Lindsey Meyer, Lee Raby, Michelle Englund, W Andrew Collins [PDF]

Distinctive Adult Sequelae of Adolescent Friendship and Peer Competence
Manfred H. M. van Dulmen, W. Andrew Collins

SRCD 2013

Project presentations from the 2013 biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development are listed below. Where indicated, a copy of the handout in PDF format may be downloaded.

Developmental Pathways of Young Adulthood Marijuana Use
Michelle M. Englund; Jessica Siebenbruner [PDF]

The Significance of Environmental Unpredictability in Middle-Childhood in Predicting Adult Romantic Relationship Quality
Sally I. Kuo; Sooyeon Sung; Jeffry A. Simpson; Vladas Griskevicius; W. A. Collins

The Relationship Between Dopaminergic Genetic Variation, Adult Attention Problems, and Parenting in the Context of Adult Life Stress: A Moderated-Mediation Model
Amy Monn; Lee Raby; Dante Cicchetti; Byron Egeland

The Enduring Influence of Attachment on Physical Health
Jennifer Puig; Michelle M. Englund; W. A. Collins; Jeffry A. Simpson

Genetic Contributions to Attachment Processes across the Life Course: Findings from the Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Risk and Adaptation
Lee Raby; Dante Cicchetti; Elizabeth A. Carlson; Byron Egeland [PDF]

Longitudinal and Concurrent Contributions of Ego Control, Ego Resilience and Social Functioning to Relational Aggression and Victimization in Middle Childhood
Niyantri Ravindran; Clio Pitula; Katherine Lingras; Michelle M. Englund

The Influence of Unpredictability Inside the Home in Early Childhood and the Juvenile Transition on Sexual Behavior
Sooyeon Sung; Sally I. Kuo; Jeffry A. Simpson; Vladas Griskevicius; W. A. Collins