Engaging children in learning at an early age

If you are interested in helping us to test the ENGAGE system, please visit our Validation and Usability Testing page. That includes all of you who visited us at the DEC Conference in Dallas.

Active engagement, supported by the use of adult interaction practices, are key factors in improving child outcomes. With the support of a $1.4 million grant from the Institute for Education Sciences (Award #R324A170032), the Project Engage research team is currently designing a brief, direct, technology-enhanced, cloud-based observational tool, called ENGAGE, that will help teachers, coaches, administrators, and researchers simultaneously measure and evaluate adult interaction practices (known to increase engagement) and child engagement.

ENGAGE is being developed for use across:

  • Different types of EC settings (e.g., inclusive and separate early childhood special education classrooms)
  • Different program pedagogies (i.e., child-led, adult-led, and balanced)
  • Different types of preschool age children (e.g., those with disabilities or developmental delays and those without disabilities).

ENGAGE is being developed for use by:

  • Early Childhood Educators and Special Educators
  • Professional development coaches
  • Administrators
  • Researchers