Early Language & Experience Lab

The Early Language & Experience Lab is located in the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN.

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What We Study

  • The social and cognitive processes involved in acquiring knowledge from other people.
  • How do children balance the potential benefit of learning and the risk of being misinformed?
  • How do young children learn about the many pragmatic functions of their language?


  • Laboratory director Dr. Melissa Koenig and Dr. Valerie Tiberius (Philosophy) wrote an op-ed that was recently published by NBC News! Check out their piece, “Can children save us from the fake news epidemic?” which includes an overview of many relevant studies and a lesson on how parents might talk with kids.
  • Coming soon: The Early Language and Experience Lab is working on its first biannual newsletter! Visit our website in May for this peek into our projects, progress, and news!