Welcome to Baby Boomers for Balanced Health Care

We are a group of citizen Baby Boomers who believe that out-of-control health care spending will bankrupt our country unless we all take responsibility for changing how we think about and utilize health care.

We want to change the cultural belief that more health care is better health care.

Until recently, most people were concerned about too-little access to health care. This is still a concern for many.

But a new problem has crept upon us in recent decades: too much health care. This means too many tests, procedures, and services that don’t help and can harm. We are overdosing on health care.

Overuse and overspending in health care also hurt the economy and deprive our county of resources for education, transportation, research, community safety, human services, and other priorities.

We are calling for a new mindset that values balanced health care. We need “Goldilocks health care,” not too much, not too little—but just right!

Learn more in our community conversations, and by talking to your family members, friends, coworkers, and medical providers about fixing the more-is-better problem in health care.