About Us

Collaborative Action for Radical Equity in Applied Behavior Analysis (CARE ABA) Lab

Behavior analysis is the study of how biological, pharmacological, and experiential factors influence the behavior of humans and nonhuman animals. Applied behavior analysis is the process of applying behavioral principles to the improvement of socially important behavior and simultaneously evaluating whether any observed changes are a function of the principles applied. Further, applied behavior analysis is a “self-examining, self-evaluating, discovery-oriented research procedure for studying behavior” (Baer et al., 1968).

Our Collaborative Action for Radical Equity in Applied Behavior Analysis (CARE ABA) lab seeks to put action to our values as applied behavior scientists and practitioners. Our values are consistent with others’ (e.g., Fawcett, 1991) and include collaborative reciprocal relationships with participants and communities and across disciplinessocially valid research goals and methodsdissemination of effective interventions and support for change agents, and advocacy for communities and change.