Identifying and Addressing Linguistic Racism in Research

Identifying and Addressing Linguistic Racism in Research took place on March 16, 2021, featuring Anne Larson, Xigrid Soto, and AJ Olszewski.

Socio-political ideologies and educational policy often reflect deficit-based views of bilinguals from linguistically minoritized groups. This presentation uses findings from a recent systematic review of peer-reviewed experimental studies in early childhood special education to demonstrate researchers’ bias as related to bilingualism and dual language learners. The review will be used as an example for attendees to identify linguistic bias in their own work and consider the effects of linguistic racism in their respective fields. Practical examples using strength-based descriptions and anti-racist strategies (e.g., applying a heteroglossic lens) will also be provided for application in research and practice.

Recommended reading before watching video:
Who is Centered? A Systematic Review of Early Childhood Researchers’ Descriptions of Children and Caregivers From Linguistically Minoritized Communities [PDF]