Principal Investigator

Canan Karatekin, Ph.D. 

Canan Karatekin is an associate professor at the Institute of Child Development. She has a BA in Psychology from Harvard College, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA. She studied cognitive impairments in children with youth-onset psychosis or ADHD for many years. However, in 5/2011, she decided to shift her research focus to the child welfare system and later broadened her area to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). She has recently broadened her interests even more, to social determinants of health in general.

Bria Gresham

Bria Gresham is a second-year PhD student in the Institute of Child Development’s Developmental Psychology program on the Developmental Science track. Bria’s research interests focus on childhood and adolescent adversity. She is currently investigating the impact of adverse childhood experiences on academic outcomes in college students and launching a project examining the effects of community violence exposure and mental and physiological functioning.

Frederique Corcoran

Frederique Corcoran is a 1st-year Developmental Psychology PhD Student at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development. Her primary interests lie in risk and resilience, vulnerable populations, and prevention science. She is particularly interested in early adversity in the context of parenting and the structural determinants of health and inequity. Currently, she is studying the impact of education during COVID-19 on the academic performance of college students. She is also investigating how risk factors at the structural and intermediary levels might exacerbate this relationship.

Other students in the research group include…

Rosabelle Yang and Abigail Zellman.