Parent Registry

The International Adoption Project (IAP) Parent Registry provides parents and their children the opportunity to potentially participate in our research work. Since 1997, our registry has grown to include more than 5,500 members.

What is the IAP Parent Registry?

The IAP Parent Registry is a voluntary registry for families interested in helping us with science and adoption research at the University of Minnesota. Joining the registry will not commit you to participate in any study. You have a choice on which study you want to participate in. Whether you are contacted will depend on certain criteria for a specific project.

Who can join the IAP Parent Registry?

The Parent Registry welcomes parents and guardians who have children who were adopted internationally to enroll. You don’t have to live in Minnesota to join the Parent Registry. Some of research work include online participation.

Why join?

Researchers need people with international adoption experience to participate in all types of research. Your participation will help us learn about the growth and development of individuals who have experienced international adoption. Members receive our annual Gunnar Lab newsletter and emails periodically about research opportunities and events.


We work hard to keep your personal information private. All identifiable information about you/your dependent will be replaced with a study code. To prevent unauthorized access to your personal information, all registry data will be stored electronically in a secure, encrypted, password-protected database. You will only be contacted by research studies that have been reviewed and approved by the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Human Subjects Institutional Review Board. You may remove your name from the registry at any time, however, information on you or your child that has already been gathered and used by researchers cannot be taken back from them.