Show Students Their Data: Making Learning Analytics Actionable with Dr. Stephanie Teasley (University of Michigan & National Science Foundation)

Student-facing Learning Analytics Dashboards (LADs) provide visualizations of behavior and performance directly to students. They serve as meta-cognitive tools that enable awareness, self-reflection, and sensemaking. In this talk Dr. Stephanie Teasley provides a general overview of Learning Analytics and how it is currently being used by the University of Michigan, with a focus on their LAD, My Learning Analytics (MyLA). Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, this presentation addresses research questions such as:1) What are the characteristics of the students who choose to use MyLA?, 2) How do these students make use of MyLA?, and 3) What different patterns of use characterize MyLA users? The findings highlight the importance of understanding students’ experience with the dashboard and demonstrate that one size does not fit all in the design of learning analytics tools. Watch the recording below.