Journal of Learning Sciences names Lab core faculty DeLiema a Reviewer of the Year

Dr. David DeLiema, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and core faculty of the Learning Informatics Lab, has been named a Reviewer of the Year by the Journal of Learning Sciences (JLS). DeLiema was recognized for his timely, thorough reviews and invaluable mentorship to authors. He is one of eight reviewers to receive the honor for 2020.

This award acknowledges Dr. DeLiema’s generous and deeply pedagogical reviews, which promote the best in scholars seeking to disseminate their work and is consistent with what we see in his interactions with students and colleagues.

College of Education and Human Development interim dean Michael Rodriguez explains of the honor.

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Lab Co-Director Kendeou awarded Distinguished McKnight University Professorship

Kendeou’s cutting-edge research on the cognitive processes of reading comprehension advances our understanding of reading and transforms reading instruction in K-12 schools.

Panayiota (Pani) Kendeou, Guy Bond Chair in Reading, professor in the Department of Educational Psychology’s psychological foundations of education program, and co-director of the Learning Informatics Lab has been awarded the Distinguished McKnight University Professorship. The Professorship is awarded to outstanding faculty members who have recently achieved full professor status. It is a title Kendeou will carry throughout her University career. She is one of seven University professors receiving the award in 2021.

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We’re hiring: Two postdoc positions in learning analytics and educational data science

The University of Minnesota (UMN) Learning Informatics Lab seeks candidates to fill two Post-Doctoral Associate positions. The Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab based in the College of Education and Human Development and dedicated to advancing and applying data science and informatics techniques to educational data in order to address pressing challenges in K-12 education.

Visit here for more information and how to apply.

C&I’s Bodong Chen Leads Learning Analytics Webinar

Associate Professor Bodong Chen of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction recently co-led an invited learning analytics webinar organized by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). The talk, “Analyzing Learning and Teaching throught the Lens of Networks,” attracted more than 200 remote attendees. Together with Dr. Sasha Poquet from the University of South Australia, Chen shared the latest research in the use of networks in learning analytics as a methodology for understanding learning and the connections involved. Using case studies to demonstrate the usefulness of network analysis, they argue for greater consideration of learning as a networked phenomenon and call for future learning analytics work in this area.

A recording of the webinar has been uploaded to the SoLAR website as a learning resource for the community. It is also available below:

Bodong Chen elected member of SoLAR Executive Committee

Associate Professor Bodong Chen of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction has been elected as a member at-large of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) executive committee. According to their website, SoLAR is “an interdisciplinary network of leading international researchers who are exploring the role and impact of analytics on teaching, learning, training, and development.” SoLAR has been active in organizing the International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge and the Learning Analytics Summer Institute, launching multiple initiatives to support collaborative and open research around learning analytics, promoting the publication and dissemination of learning analytics research, and advising and consulting with state and federal institutions of learning.