When is the officer not seen as safe?

How are police officers perceived by students at UMN?

In the past few years, opinions on the necessity of police officers have ranged from abolishing the system to increasing officers as much as possible. This study is attempting to answer whether individuals feel biased towards or against officers in Minneapolis by analyzing data from Implicit Association Tests (IATs). The results of this data could help inform what the nature of policing should be in the future. Participants will be compensated with a $5 Amazon gift card and the study is conducted entirely online.

What does participation consist of?

  • Answering a questionnaire to determine eligibility within the study
  • Attending a one-time, 30-minute meeting over Zoom
  • Completing four IATs during the one-time meeting

How do I know if I’m eligible?

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Student or resident in Minneapolis
  • Male

Email uropiatstudy@gmail.com if you’re interested to receive the questionnaire to determine eligibility.

This research is being conducted through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program at the University of Minnesota and is led by student investigator Naushil Sridhar, under mentorship of Dr. Megan Gunnar. This study is approved by the UMN Institutional Review Board under protocol #STUDY00012809.