Physiology of Interacting with People Study

Online research study seeking participants!

Are online interactions stressful? The purpose of this study is to examine bodily responses to giving presentations in an online setting. Specifically, our main interest is to clarify the extend to which bodily responses to these presentations – for instance, the way the heart rate changes – can help us to better understand the connection between the body and mind. Participants will be compensated with either a $20 Target gift card or 5 REP points.

What does participation involve?

  • Complete questionnaires about your emotional state, personality, life events, and general demographics
  • Attend one online session via Zoom
  • Give a speech to a group of people via Zoom
  • Provide saliva samples
  • Wear a heartbeat detector on your chest/abdomen

You may be eligible if:

  • You are between 18 and 25 years old
  • Live near the UMN Twin Cities campus
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Not currently a cigarette smoker or taking corticosteriod, antiflammatory, or beta-adrenergic medication (e.g., anxiety medication, like Ativan or Xanax).
  • Not currently experience a chronic mental or physical illness

Interested? Contact us at or texting 612-293-0616.

This research study is led by Graduate Investigator, Keira Leneman in the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota. This study is approved by the UMN Institutional Review Board: STUDY00012021.