Arianne Anderson

Arianne Anderson is a graduate of The Mico University College with over twenty years of experience as an educator; inclusive of classroom teaching, private tutorage, curriculum development and teacher training. She worked with a team contracted by the Jamaican Ministry of Education to design a version of The Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Curriculum for use in Early Childhood institutions in Jamaica. Arianne later served as a Research Assistant on the JUS Media? Programme Study, where her duties included data collection and conducting non-participant observations of food marketing practices in Kingston. Arianne also co-presented The Healthy Families Partnership Workshop with an international team, as part of the JUS Media Programme Intervention in 2017. She currently serves as the Jamaican Consultant on The JUS Media? Digitization team and looks forward to continued work on this arm of the project.

Steve Tran

Dr. Tran is currently a Research Specialist at The Children & Family Research Center at the University of Illinois and a statistical consultant on the Food, Culture, and Health Study in the Lab. Steve’s research has examined immigrant and ethnic minority children and families, acculturation, globalization, family autonomy and relatedness, family resilience, and child and family well-being. He was a co-author on a remote acculturation book chapter with Dr. Ferguson while completing his Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies. Additionally, after completing his Ph.D. he served as a data manager on the JUS Media? Programme. He can be contacted at:

Dr. Susan Lycett Davis

An Organizational Leadership Consultant, Professor Emerita, Author and Performer. Dr. Sue is an internationally sought after, keynote and motivational speaker. Dr. Sue has served as the Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board Member for Southern USA. Her role in this position was to liaise with and mobilize the Jamaican communities, businesses and organizations in the Southern USA region. Dr. Sue continues to support several initiatives in the Diaspora, including the Jamaican DiasporaEducation Task Force (JDETF). In 2012, Dr Sue was recognized by ICABA as one of South Florida’s 100 Most Accomplished Caribbean American Leaders. In addition, Dr. Sue is a Notary, and serves on various university and community committees including Phi Kappa Phi honor society; Louise Bennett Coverley Heritage Council; and co-chair for her high school alumni – Knox College (South Florida Chapter). She has served as an Education Advisory Board Member in the City of Pembroke Pines and Cultural Arts Advisory Board member for the City of Miramar. Dr Sue oversees the Dr Sue Charitable Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3, which serves the homeless, sexually victimized youth, young girls and boys locally and internationally; as well as support businesses and organizations who serve the community. September 2019, she awarded the Kiwanis Passion Award, for helping others find their purpose and for making service their passion. Last year for Black History Month, she was one of AT&T and Miami Herald’s 2020 South Florida Honorees, recognized for her engagement in various South Florida Community initiatives. Dr. Sue helps individuals and groups understand the importance of living their best lives. Her goal is to help others find their purpose, live their passion and make service their mission. A realist, she promotes the pragmatic principles of humility, intentionality and preparedness (HIP).