Lorraine M. Sullivan Memorial Fund of the Child-Parent Education Centers

The Lorraine M. Sullivan Memorial Fund of the Child-Parent Education Centers has been established to support the work of the Human Capital Research

Collaborative in advancing multidisciplinary research on child development and social policy from prenatal to young adulthood. Consistent with Dr. Sullivan’s life-long vision of education, the fund will be used to support thedissemination, expansion, and sustainability of the Child-Parent Center (CPC) PreK to Third Grade Model as well as research on enhancing its elements of effectiveness for children and families.

There are great teachers and great innovators. Lorraine M. Sullivan, the founder of the Child-Parent Centers in Chicago and school leader of 4 decades, was truly both. Dr. Sullivan passed away on October 3, 2013, at her home in Lake Forest, Illinois, at age 96. Although there is much sadness in her loss, celebrating life is what she wanted most and how she lived every day.

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Dr. Sullivan, former assistant Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools, and CPC founder was a pioneer in early childhood. In the establishment of the first Child Parent Education Centers in May of 1967 she emphasized the importance of (i) parent involvement in the early school years, (ii) instructional approaches tailored to children’s learning styles and designed to develop their speaking and listening skills, (iii) small class sizes to provide for individual attention, and (iv) attention to health and nutritional services. This fund will continue her legacy for children and families.

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“Dr. Sullivan was a visionary educator who played a major role in making Chicago a national leader in early childhood education. Her vision will live on for future generations of Chicago children and families.” – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

“She loved children, she loved Chicago, and she understood how the success of both was connected.” – U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

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