Welcome to the Supporting International Students website! Throughout this site you will find a variety of resources for supporting international students as faculty and staff members at the University of Minnesota.

We will be hosting one more workshop during Fall Semester 2018!

Learn how best practices for international students will benefit all of your
students. Engage with fellow faculty and staff as we study and discuss supporting diverse student needs in our classrooms.

Ways to Participate and Learn
Friday, December 7,  2018 2-4pm: International Students and Classroom Assessment
120 Burton Hall, East Bank

Learn how formative and summative assessment strategies for international students will benefit all of your students. In this workshop we will focus on assessment practices used to support international students’ writing as well as interaction and engagement across difference.

Hear Hannah Leopold, who runs the General Chemistry Labs, discuss how she has reshaped their assessment model to better support the needs of international and multilingual students.  RSVP